Rescue Rover Set to Release V1 of Felix, an Innovative Technology for Connected Vehicle Orchestration & Management

2018-06-30 12:00:00

Rescue Rover sets the release date of their Vehicle Orchestration and Maintenance Platform, "Felix." Felix is a complete lifecycle management for Roadside Assistance occurrences. Order Roadside Assistance, get picked up by ridesharing and track the status of your vehicles repair from a single application.

Washington, DC, June 30, 2018 -- A Maryland-based technology company is set to release their Vehicle Orchestration Platform, "Felix." CTO Hunter Marquis describes Felix as an end to end vehicle service solution that will provide drivers with a single source to request roadside assistance, hail rides from ridesharing providers, and even track the status of their vehicle's repair. Felix utilizes an open API that allows them to create a best of breed hub for 3rd party roadside, ridesharing and dealerships. They're using a unique technology stack and have a disruptive technology because of it.

Founder and CEO Chad Serino says that "Our team has worked extremely hard, I couldn't be happier about the solution that they've created. Our growing partner network is a good sign that there's a need for their technology and they think it has the ability to change the way people feel during a roadside breakdown. Information is king, and these days people expect instant insights into their request. Having Felix connect to over 20+ major auto brands now gives people more options when their vehicle breaks down."